Types de matches

Tables, Laders and Chairs match

Tables Match

Three Stages of Hell match

Scramble Match

Steel Cage Match

Strap Match

Stretcher Match

Suitcase Match

Scaffold Match

Submission Match

Special Referee Match

Rage in the Cage Match

Retirement Match

Punjabi Prison Match

Parking Lot Brawl

Pick Your Poison Match

No Disqualification Match

Last Ride Match

Last Man Standing Match

Loser Leaves Town match

Last Chance Match

Lumberjack Match

Knock Out Match

I Quit Match

Iron Man Match

Intergender Match

Inferno Match

Handicap Match

Hog Pen Match

Homewrecker deathmatch

Gauntlet Match

Fatal-4-Way Elimination Match

First Blood Match

Falls Count Anywhere Match

Chairs Match

Casket Match

Battle Royale

Barbed Wire Match

Beat the Clock Challenge

BlindFold Match

Brother vs Brother Match

All or Nothing Match

Gulf of Mexico Match

Buried Alive Match

Ambulance Match

Elimination Chamber match